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Balloon Ride Packages in New Jersey

Because we rely on the wind for our flight path, even our “standard” flights are always unique! To accommodate you personally, however, we can customize your flight experience. The following are examples we offer:

Standard Flight Package $240/person

All the serendipitous excitement of ballooning is here (see "The Ride Experience").  We call it a one to one-and-a-half hour flight because we aim for that time in the air (no guarantee, as wind, weather, and many other variables can affect us).  But by the time we hold our pre-flight briefing, assemble and inflate the balloon, fly for the hour or so, land, pack up the balloon, hold our post-flight celebration, and drive back to the launch site, this may be a 3 to 4 hour event.  The memories will last a lifetime! 

against a dark sky!

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Private flight package $795

 Reserve your own balloon, chase vehicle, pilot and crew: no other passengers will be scheduled for your private flight! Price covers you and one guest. Up to two additional guests could be scheduled on the flight at the price of $240 per person. 


Custom Launch Site Location Package $795

Fly away from your own back yard, or somewhere near your home.  To see your own home, farm, or area from the air is really special!over boynton house

$240 for each additional passenger, if more than two. Max of 7 passengers with 2 balloons.  Plus travel if more than one hour from Groveland, NY.

 Safety restrictions may apply.  Pilot may need to inspect launch site for suitability.  Call for details

High Altitude $795 (for two passengers)

above the clouds conesus lakeRide to an altitude of 10,560 feet (yes, that’s two miles!) above sea level. We may even be looking down on a cloud or two (though if there is a solid cloud layer, we can't go through it). Bundle up, and get ready for a spectacular view!



Hot Air Balloon Festival Flight $240 (per person)

 balloons in gorgeWe attend many balloon festivals each year. It's a great experience to enjoy your flight with other balloons in the air at the same time! We may attend events including the New York State Festival of Balloons in Dansville, NY, the Speidie Fest in Binghamton, the spectacular Adirondack Balloon Festival near Glens Falls, NY, the Great Wellsville Balloon Rally, as well as events in Jamestown, Poughkipsie and Letchworth State Park (spectators only). Whether you want a ride, or simply to be around balloons, be sure to look us up--we may just put you to work!

Ultimate Romance package  $1295

engagement ring

Private package as above, but we launch early.  We check in for the flight at zero - dark - thirty.  We hold our passenger safety briefing, and inflate the balloon. The balloon is equipped with special Aviation Position Lights for night flight.   We lift off the ground approximately 20 minutes prior to sunrise: and as the sun breaks the horizon, you drop down on one knee and pull out the ring.

What a memory for the rest of your life together!

Winter Flight $795

Imagine the serenity you feel on a windless, crisp winter morning. Now imagine you’re above it, floating above the treetops. From higher altitudes, the clear air allows you to see way, way into the remax snowdistance. This is the beauty of the Winter flight package! 

Winter Flights are offered December 1 through March 31.

$240 for each additional passenger, if more than two. Max of 7 passengers with 2 balloons.

Flight-Training Experience $400 (per person)

For your Flight-Training Experience, you enjoy the inflation, launch and final landing as a passenger, but during the flight your pilot-in-command will invite you to take the controls, and act as pilot of the balloon!

inflation-burnUnder your instructor’s guidance, you will experience the surprising challenge of simply flying level; and depending on your interest and capability you will have opportunity to follow his lead in almost every phase of flight from inflation to takeoff, ascents to descents, approaches and maybe even landings. lee in basket

At the conclusion of the flight, you are presented with a balloon pilot’s log book, and invited to make your first entry as pilot of a hot air balloon!

The chief pilot for Liberty Balloon Company is also the certified FAA flight examiner for western New York. Should you choose to continue training, we offer a student certificate, which allows you, when you have been deemed ready by your instructor, to fly solo!

Finger Lakes Wine Country Balloon Tour

The ultimate Finger Lakes Experience. Click here for details on this extraordinary package!

Mountain Flight Package $1500 (for two)

Launch from Tannersville or Hunter in the Catskills. Float over the spectacular terrain, dipping into valleys as you go. See the mountain lflt from underwildlife, pick leaves, and appreciate nature in a whole new way! Conclude your flight in the Hudson Valley where there are fields and other suitable, accessible landing sites. 

$500 each additional passenger

Cross Long Island Sound $25,000

Depart from the Connecticut shore, and land on Long Island! We have a chase boat following in case the wind shifts in an unfavorable direction.

Join the elite ranks of balloonists who have made this unique flight across the Long Island Sound! This flight depends on a very delicate combination of wind and weather conditions for success. We want enough wind to cross the sound, but not too much for landing. We want a North wind to carry us across. A Northeast wind would carry us toward LaGuardia, a northwest wind would take us to the Atlantic.

We will recruit a chase boat or two to chase, in case we need a tow...and to help set your pilot's wife's mind at ease. 

We will watch the forecasts, and when the weather seems to be developing favorably, we will go to the Connecticut shore the night before. Next morning if the weather is good, we go. If conditions are not correct, we try another time. Once we have completed the flight, you will have joined a very elite cadre of balloonists who have CROSSED THE SOUND!


 Once you've selected your package and booked your ride, be sure to carefully read, print, then sign the Adult Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Agreement (PDF)

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