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"...your program was perfectly geared to their age level. You also have a great manner with them. It was a truly memorable way to begin our school's 25th anniversary. Thank you for being a part of it."

Rosey VanWart
Somers Elementary School
Somers, NY

Program Overview

School Assembly Programs

Carroll Teitsworth teaching at a school

Liberty Balloon Company offers a unique educational program for elementary and secondary schools. Our assembly entitled "Up and Away with Hot Air Balloons!" combines the natural excitement of the balloon with a wealth of teaching experience.

Our program consists of two segments: an educational session and a live demonstration.

Slide Presentation

slideshow of ballooning

The heart of the program is a presentation illustrated with slides. The pilot/presenter shares with the students how balloons work and what kinds of things can be done with balloons. Many subjects are covered during this time including the history of ballooning and aviation, the effect of weather, the mechanics of modern ballooning, licensing, and how the natural high is better than drugs. This portion of the program is flexible, and can be tailored to any subject to emphasize science or to complement a reading program, for example.

Live Demonstration

outdoor demonstration of ballooning

The demonstration is where the students see the balloon in action...inflated, and up close & personal! Witnessing firsthand an inflation of a real balloon is a magnificent and inspiring sight, one that students and teachers alike will never forget!